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  1. I just happened into your YouTube demo of turning a fairly large bowl — intriguing! I was gifted with a small lathe but am moving to California from Indiana in three weeks, so I gifted it to a dear friend. If I were closer, I would drive to meet you. Your YouTube presentation was gave good information re turning — centering, placing the tool rest close, cutting air, and using wet material. I was told I would have to cure a piece 3-5 years before I could shape it. I like your approach using green wood. If I ever get another lathe, I will surely try that.

    I saw a few bowls in your gallery I would like to have. Unfortunately, they were sold. I will keep coming back regularly to see the new pieces you add. Can you tell me when you may be adding new pieces?

    Thank you. And I thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. I just watched your video “how to make a bowl” I would love to know where you got your lathe. and how much it cost. I have a sears model, but yours does things mine does not. I learned to make bowls in high school a looooong time ago. but I just got my lathe a few years ago. I make bowls for family and friends. please tell me about your lathe. and I have never seen the clamp thing you used to hold the bowl by the bottom. did it come with the lathe? please let me know about the lathe. thanks john 🙂

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